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One thing that most often comes to our mind is that when we talk about travel in Madagascar then that is such expensive travel until some ideas are classified and you realize you can make a trip in Madagascar with a very reasonable budget and live a wonderful travel experience.
Certainly, the expensive price for a trip in Madagascar is due in particular to the fact that in our country, travel organizations are required to display a total price. This price also includes airport taxes, security charge, local and tourism taxes and all compulsory expenditure (e.g. cleaning fee of holiday accommodation at end of the stay, meal compulsory for Christmas Eve, New Year Eve and so on). For this reason, a travel package may at first seem more expensive compared to the offer of other country because various taxes and compulsory expenditure are not included in the total price of the latter. It is true that rates can vary from one region to another or from one country to another and depending on the travelling time. In the case of Madagascar, the flights cost and the travel cost within the country play a big role. This fact explains the expensive price! But the service quality is the foundation and the source of success of your trip and it is too normal that by your requirements you want a wonderful trip. There are many deals with cheaper prices on the internet and GMT + 3 suggests you to study much the price compared to the benefits you expect before confirming any stay.

Questions arise and you wonder why ?

International and domestic flights are expensive! The answer is


because Madagascar is far from your country
Accommodation, transportation, car rentals ... are expensive ? The answer is


because it depends on the hotels category, the type of cars and the type of the services you want and choose
Why to pay more expensive for the same services (accommodation, transportation ...)? GMT+3's response is


, and for sure yours too, because the same services supposed to have the same price whatever the travel type (package or general)
Is there a way to get a better price for the same service? GMT+3's response is


, we always provide the "BEST PRICE GUARANTEE". Because we deal directly with service providers to offer customers the best qualitative service and price and the most important thing that we care is that between you and us, the total trust and transparency is established
How to know if you got a better price? Send us your request and for sure after studying the price you will be convinced that you got it. Or, if you have already established your trip with an approximate price and want to compare it via GMT+ 3, then just send it with details (type of hotels, room types ...) and we will show you that we always have the best price.

Are you a winner with GMT + 3 ?

Our prices are very competitive and cheaper than if you book directly because our role is to effectively negotiate for you the best price

Our job is to provide the best service and the lowest price guarantee for our clients to make them according their budget
The more important is that your holiday will be organized and guaranteed by experienced professionals who will assist and advise for the success of your stay. Our consultants have traveled all the destinations offered on GMT+3’s website and will make you live an authentic travel experience. All quote requests will be processed quickly and are for free. A complete response is achieved in just a few hours
The famous slogan of GMT+ 3 is "FEEL FREE ... WHEREVER YOU ARE." We accept your freedom to choose the trip that suits you or just feel free to contact us, to travel with us wherever you are.