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Travel, he knows! Make you travel is his passion! Supporting you is his job! His role is to ensure the wellness and comfort of the group during the tour to guarantee an unforgettable holiday! GMT+3’s representative, anja ANDRIANJATO as an expert guide, assist you upon arrival at Antananarivo airport, come with you throughout your trip until you return. He has a big passion on travel and he is very attentive to all of you. He ensures that everything about the trip goes well, he oversees, informs and guides the clients and effectively ensures that all delivery services answer the clients expectations. At each step, every smallest details are very important. As a coach he must ensure that the trip participants are complete, he checks the luggage, take care of all the necessary formalities. This job requires a high degree of organization and spontaneity. During the free days, he may suggest some optional excursions to avoid that clients are bored and always encourage a friendly atmosphere and make evidence animation in order that each member of the tour feel comfortable during the whole trip. The coaching role is not limited only to the technical level, he ensures that each visit is perfectly done and he should master the knowledge of good places to able to answer the clients accurately and precisely whether cultural, historical and geographical order. Generally, he is always ahead the program to avoid unpleasant surprises. He demonstrates the unexpected self-control and reacts effectively and professionally to value GMT +3’s performance.


Anja ANDRIANJATO has been in the tourism industry for 21 years (9 years in the hotel industry; he was trekking Manager and finally he was 7 years in a Tour Operator as a sales marketing agent and tour operator guide and 8 years at his own company which is GMT+3 (Great Madagascar Tours). Currently, he is the new Executive Director of GMT + 3 (Great Madagascar Tours). He perfectly masters the Malagasy language, English and French and has other advantages with Italian and German languages. As travel is his passion, he continues to explore the most beautiful corners of Madagascar to deepen his knowledge and to develop his experiences to provide new tourism products to optimize your trip and always find the best products to make everyone travel. Passionate of the flora and fauna of his native country, he wants to share with you his experience and know-how.